Fred Iger

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Fred Iger
Born 1924 (age 89–90)
Occupation American Comics Group owner
National Periodical Publications co-owner (1948–1961)
Spouse(s) Sonia Donenfeld (1943 – c. 1962)
Arlene (c. 1962 — ?)
Relatives Harry Donenfeld (father-in-law)

Frederick H. Iger (born 1924)[1] was an American comic book publisher, associated for many years with the media figure Harry Donenfeld. (Iger's first marriage was to Donenfeld's daughter, and his second marriage was to Donenfeld's ex-daughter-in-law.) Iger was an owner of American Comics Group from 1943 to 1967,[1] and co-owner of National Periodical Publications (otherwise known as DC Comics) from 1948–1961.

Iger is not related to pioneering comic-book packager Jerry Iger.


Early career[edit]

Iger started out as a radio producer, working with Robert Maxwell from c. 1939 to 1941,[1] including on The Adventures of Superman radio show.

Sangor Studio and American Comics Group[edit]

In 1940 Iger joined Benjamin W. Sangor's "Sangor Shop" until 1943. (Harry Donenfeld was co-owner of the studio during this period as well,[1] up until the early 1960s, though he was severely incapacitated and out of the business after an accident in 1962).[2] Sangor started American Comics Group (ACG) in 1943, and in 1947 Iger bought in (thanks to his father-in-law Donenfeld).[3] At ACG during this period Iger edited, ordered paper, negotiated with printers, and did the taxes.[citation needed] His title was Business Manager and, later, Publisher.[citation needed]

In 1955, Iger bought out Sangor's share from his widow Francis[4] (Sangor having died c. 1953[5] or 1955;[6] sources differ) becoming sole owner of ACG for the rest of the company history.

DC Comics[edit]

Iger's father-in-law Donenfeld staked Iger again in 1948, when Iger was made a co-owner of National Periodical Publications, a major part of Donenfeld's comic book empire. Iger's association with DC ended in 1961,[1] when the company went public.

Later career[edit]

In the mid-1990s, Iger owned the commercial photo board company Film Reproductions, from 1993 to 1997.[1]

Personal life[edit]

Iger was married twice, the first time from 1943 to c. 1962 to Sonia "Peachy" Donenfeld, daughter of Harry Donenfeld. His second marriage[7] was to a woman named Arlene, the ex-wife of Harry's son Irwin.[8]


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