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Freddi Fish is a series of children's adventure games from Humongous Entertainment. The series began in 1994.

Freddi Fish is an anthropomorphic yellow fish who takes on detective investigations throughout the series of games.  She has her own pal, the green-colored Luther, who is her best friend and goes with her on all her adventures. The voices of Freddi Fish and Luther were performed by Annette Toutonghi and Mike McAuliffe at Bad Animals Studio in Seattle, Washington.


Characters move from one screen to the other by clicking when the cursor turns into a chunky arrow.  When the cursor is just a small cursor outline then there is nothing clickable, but when the small cursor outline fills in, something happens when clicking the mouse.  As with all Humongous Entertainment games, clicking on the environment prompts an animation which is sometimes funny but irrelevant to the plot, usually with tiny fish. However, when a person or certain objects are clicked, something will happen like the person talking or Freddi Fish picking up the object. Collected objects appear on the bottom of the screen in their own individual bubbles.  Freddi Fish puts objects away by sweeping them behind her back, often resulting in hilarious scenes when putting away large objects.  Overall, Freddi Fish Junior Adventures are mainly about helping solve others' problems which are tied into a constantly progressing storyline.

In all the Freddi Fish games except number 2 (Haunted Schoolhouse), the game has some area that is only accessible when accomplishing the “initial” objective—the objective given near the start of the game. Once an area is unlocked, often any leftover stuff is taken away to solve one last challenge.

The third and fourth games end with a mystery to find out who was the thief. In the third game, they give one or two clues that point to the personality of one person; in the fourth game, a clue in the Hogfishes' room points to an object the person had been using.


Adventure Games[edit]

Freddi Fish and the Case of the Missing Kelp Seeds (1994), Freddi Fish Kelp Seed Mystery (2008)[edit]

In this game, Grandma Grouper's treasure chest of kelp seeds is stolen, and Freddi and Luther go off in search of the thieves, who turn out to be two sharks. (One is called Spongehead, but the other is never called anything but Boss.) Thankfully, Spongehead has a bad memory, so he left a trail of notes in bottles leading to the chest. This game, as well as its subsequent titles, won several awards upon release. It is now a Wii game, too, known as Freddi Fish in Kelp Seed Mystery.[1].

Released: Windows/Mac: February 7, 1994, reissued in 1998 and October 2008. Wii: September 2, 2008. iOS/Google Play: October 10, 2013

Freddi Fish 2: The Case of the Haunted Schoolhouse (1996, 2002), Freddi Fish Haunted Schoolhouse Mystery (2011)[edit]

When Freddi and Luther are at school one morning, a ghost appears and tries to steal Luther's Codfish Commando action figure. Following the ghost to the basement of the school, they discover that the ghost is just someone wearing a ghost costume. They then plan a trap to catch the ghost, but they are missing some objects needed for the trap.

For this game, Humongous Entertainment brought in screenwriter Frederick Kron to develop the personalities of Freddi, Luther, and the host of other characters who inhabit the game. Kron helped to infuse "Haunted Schoolhouse" with the delightful characterizations, fun and wit that was subsequently carried forward into future "Freddi" titles.

Released: Windows/Mac: March 29, 1996, rerelease in December 10, 1999, September 10, 2002, November 2005, and February 19, 2011. Steam: May 2014 iOS/Google Play: September 16, 2014 Inflight Entertainment Consoles: February 4, 2013[1]

Freddi Fish 3: The Case of the Stolen Conch Shell (1998), Freddi Fish and the Stolen Shell (iOS 2012)[edit]

The Conch shell which is blown to signal the beginning of the Founder's Day Festival has been stolen, and Luther's Uncle Blenny is blamed because he is the "Grand Exalted Keeper of the Conch". Freddi and Luther search for the real thief to clear Uncle Blenny's name and prove that he did not steal the conch. They search and investigate the suspicious characters to find out who really did it.

Released: March 6, 1998, re-released in March 2006. iOS/Google Play: Jan 12, 2012

Freddi Fish 4: The Case of the Hogfish Rustlers of Briny Gulch (1999)[edit]

Freddi and Luther (upon arrival at Freddi's Cousin Calico's Ranch) come to find out that his hogfish have been rustled (which in Calico's way means "someone came in and took them without asking"). Luther and Freddi head to the town square, in search of clues to find the rustlers. While in Saltwater Stella's Soda Saloon, they stumble upon their first clue—a note with a secret combination on it. Freddi and Luther figure this must be important, so they must investigate where the combination is. After checking the town square out a bit (or getting some help from Saltwater Stella), they find an abandoned ship with a huge lock on the metal door and a combination required. After entering the combination, they meet up with the first rustler, a slim fish dressed in "what the well dressed rustlers are wearing". He then says, since Freddi and Luther aren't wearing these things, they mustn't be rustlers. The rustlers are seriously fashion-cautious, so they won't accept Freddi and Luther until they have the proper attire. Freddi and Luther must search all over in order to find a ten-gallon hat (dyed a different color each game), a belt, and a belt buckle (different letter each game), and either a handerkechief or a bow-tie accessory. Then, they can get in in order to liberate the hogfish. Finally, Luther and Freddi need to find out who the mysterious Mr. Big is. (Mr. Big could be anyone of the townsfolk who had the idea of hog-napping.) In the end, the rustlers get to get their dream job—hogfish ranching. (They are now helping out at Cousin Calico's Ranch.) During the credits, Freddi Fish and Luther sing "Home on the Range".

Released: NA: October 29, 1999 (pre-order date), November 5, 1999 (street date) Re-released: March 2007 and March 26, 2014. iOS/Google Play: 2014 Steam: May 29, 2014 UK: 2001

Freddi Fish 5: The Case of the Creature of Coral Cove (2001)[edit]

Freddi and Luther (on their way to Coral Cove Park) run into a large mob of sea creatures and the theme park's developer Marty Sardini, who are both angry yet terrified of this sea monster supposedly terrorizing the theme park. Freddi and Luther decide to investigate why this sea monster is scaring the citizens. Firstly, they get into Coral Cove Park (after getting a permission slip signed by the Mayor) and enter to find a chunk of green sea cheese with a large bite taken out of it. Freddi and Luther continue to examine it, and it becomes their first clue to locate the sea monster's whereabouts. After they get into the sea monster's cave and find his to-do list, they discover he is lurking in the deepest crevice of the ocean. Freddi and Luther then come to realize that the sea monster named Xamfear Duncan Dogberry Valentine is actually friendly and was driven out of Coral Cove Park by a certain greedy developer and was only scaring the townspeople because they took his home. Luther figures this must mean Marty. Just as Xamfear is about to show Freddi and Luther his deed for proof, Marty and everyone in town arrive. Marty states that ‘there is no such deed’. Suddenly, Xamfear (after checking the place he had the deed—under a piece of ground) comes to discover the deed has been stolen. Freddi and Luther find that Marty is missing as well. Together, Freddi and Luther slip into Marty's base and, after dodging traps, find the hidden deed Marty has stolen. Marty catches them at his place and calls security right when the Mayor (after getting his picture taken) shows up to arrest Marty for theft. All's well that ends well: Xamfear Duncan Dogberry Valentine opens up the theme Park for everyone to play in, while Marty does the dirty work.

Released: February 19, 2001 and March 26, 2014 iOS/Google Play: June 2014 Steam: 2014

Arcade Games[edit]

These games are categorized as Junior Arcades for ages 3 to 8.

  • Freddi Fish and Luther's Maze Madness (Windows, Macintosh) PC: November 22, 1996, Re-released: September 10, 2002. IOS: September 2, 2013.
  • Freddi Fish and Luther's Water Worries (Windows, Macintosh) PC: December 19, 1996
  • Freddi Fish One-Stop Fun Shop (Windows, Macintosh) PC: December 24, 2000

While originally released for Windows and Macintosh, these games can now also be run with the ScummVM player on more platforms such as handhelds and consoles.

Other Games[edit]

She was mentioned in Backyard Football 1999 by commentator Chuck Downfield.  Also, he can be seen in “Backyard Baseball 2005” when the player picks the “Aqua Dome” as a field.  In “Putt-Putt Saves the Zoo”, Freddi and Luther appear if you don't pick a spot in the whirlpool scene.  Freddi and Luther will put you back on the raft and send you back on the open water in this game.  Freddi and Luther make a cameo in Pajama Sam In: No Need to Hide When It's Dark Outside as part of a picture on Sam's bedroom wall. In Spy Fox 3: "Operation Ozone", if you talk to Herman the Fisherman enough he'll tell you a fish tale in which he once had a "big yellow fish" on the line, but it cut the line with a pair of safety scissors, a reference to the second Freddi Fish game.

Freddi Fish And Friends: ABC Under The Sea[edit]

It was developed by 1st Playable Productions and published by Atari for the Nintendo DS.

Released: Europe: 2008 North America: 2010

Freddi Fish's Fun House[edit]

This game was developed by Nimbus Games and released for iOS and Android.

Released: July 12, 2013


  • Freddi - A yellow fish with orange fins and blue eyes. She volunteers to investigate any mystery or crime that has recently affected her friends. She often counters the crooks she catches with morals of wrongdoings. A laboratory fish.
  • Luther - A green fish with beige fins and black eyes. He is Freddi's best friend and sidekick. Not as smart as Freddi and sometimes a little greedy but very faithful to his friends and family. A laboratory fish.
  • Grandma Grouper - A purple grouper and Freddi's grandmother.
  • Boss & Spongehead - Two thieving blue sharks who steal valuable stuff specially for the Squidfather. As their names reflect, Boss is the shark that does the planning, and Spongehead is the shark that follows the instructions with some outcomes going wrong.
  • Squidfather - A giant pink squid, who groans and mumbles when he talks.  He is constantly grumpy and spends a lot of time stroking his pet white catfish. In his angriest moments he expels ink. He is based on Vito Corleone from The Godfather and Ernst Stavro Blofeld from the James Bond movies.
  • Eddie - A mean green electric eel, who stands in other fishes' way and has a big appetite.
  • Ray - An aqua-coloured Manta Ray with a fancy for collecting pretty items of value.
  • Tucker Turtle - A green sea turtle and a good friend to Freddi and Luther.
  • Sam - Pelican and close friend to Freddi and Luther.
  • Blenny - Luther's uncle and the “Grand Exalted Keeper of the Conch”. He was once blamed for stealing the conch.
  • Old Soggy - Blenny's pet dogfish that resembles a basset hound.
  • Cousin Calico Catfish - Freddi's cousin, a yellow catfish with light blue hair and hogfish rancher.
  • Gill Barker - A turquoise-colored shark who acts as a traveling salesman and a carnival ringmaster.
  • Gillian Barker - Gill Barker's twin sister.
  • Claw - An orange lobster who has the same personality as Eddie and even owns a "bully's club".
  • Horst Fedders - A purple seahorse and a tourist.
  • Nadine - A pink narwhal who always takes care of her tooth.
  • Pierre - A pompous yellow swordfish with a French accent and a tailor. He is known to brag about his mending.
  • Rosy Pearl - A blue squid who acts as a host of a talent show.
  • Magenta - A monkey who loves bananas.
  • Goby and Moray - Two hogfish rustlers. Goby is beige and skinny, while Moray is dark brown and fat. Moray's job is to feed the hogfish (the hogfish hate his cooking), and Goby's job is to guard the hideout. Moray's shown to be smarter than Goby.
  • Gruntle - One of Calico's hogfish.
  • Sheriff Shrimp - A dark green shrimp who's the sheriff of Briny Gulch.
  • Nelson Tony 'Nels' Torso - A cerulean and obese marlin from Switzerland who is the owner of Just Buckles and lives with Half Nelson and his wife Natalie Torso. He is somewhat of a belt buckle maker. He is not turquoise and is unmuscular. He wears cadet blue knee-length suspenders with a front pocket and constructing glasses
  • Saltwater Stella- A purple fish who is the owner of the Sodaloon.
  • Squids- A trio of blue, orange and purple ink spitting squids who reside at the entrance to the Sodaloon.
  • Sahara Slim - A reddish brown, elderly fish who once went through the Sahara Desert.
  • Mayor Marlin - A blue marlin and mayor of the ocean.
  • Marty Sardini - A green fish who developed Coral Cove Park.
  • Xamfear Duncan Dogberry Valentine - A giant magenta sea monster with beige spots and fins who lives in Coral Cove Park.
  • Cousin Casey - A magenta fish shaped like Luther with the same colored fins. Loses his glasses in one possible storyline of the schoolhouse. Analyzes a sample of "sea cheese" found in Coral Cove Park with his microscope.


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