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The main road to Helsingør
The main road to Helsingør
Fredensborg is located in Denmark
Coordinates: 55°58′30″N 12°24′20″E / 55.97500°N 12.40556°E / 55.97500; 12.40556Coordinates: 55°58′30″N 12°24′20″E / 55.97500°N 12.40556°E / 55.97500; 12.40556
Country  Denmark
Region Vapital Region
Municipality Roskilde
Population (2015)
 • Total 8,425
Time zone GMT (UTC+1)
Postal code 3480 Fredensborg

Fredensborg is a railway town located in Fredensborg Municipality, North Zealand, some 30 kilometres north of Copenhagen, Denmark. It is most known for Fredensborg Palace, one of the main residences of the Danish Royal Family. The town had a population of 8,425 (1 January 2015)[1]


Fredensborg Palace is mainly used by the Danish Royal Family in spring and Authumn. Many of the houses that line the street which leads up to the main entrance to the palace are listed. This is also the location of Store Kro, a historic inn which reopened in 2014.

The Fredensborg Houses were designed by Jørn Utzon, the architect of Sydney Opera House.


Fredensborg station is located on the Lille North railway line between Hillerød and Helsingør.

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