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Frederic Percy Harton (1889–1958) served as Dean of Wells (1951–1958). He is known essentially for a frequently republished guide to the spiritual life addressed to an Anglican readership but drawing significantly on seventeenth and eighteenth century French and Italian Catholic works of spiritual direction.


  • Notes on Mental Prayer, 1930
  • The Elements of the Spiritual Life: A Study in Ascetical Theology, S.P.C.K., 1932
  • Life in Christ, 1937
  • Holy living and holy dying, 1937
  • Essential Principles of Catholicism, edd E. Graham et al. S.P.C.K. & Church Literature Association, 1936 (Section 5)
  • The Faith that Abides, 1939
  • "Articles on Maximus the Confessor", in Church Quarterly Review, 1958
  • The Mystery of the Cross, 1940
  • The pictorial history of Wells Cathedral, Pitkin, 1960
  • Wells Cathedral, 1973