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Frederic Melvin Wheelock (September 19, 1902 – October 29, 1987) is the author the Latin book, Wheelock's Latin. He received a Ph.D. from Harvard University. He taught at Haverford College, Harvard University, the College of the City of New York, Brooklyn College, Cazenovia Junior College, the Darrow School for Boys, the University of Toledo, and Florida Presbyterian College. He served as the Dean of Cazenovia Junior College. He was the son of Franklin M. and Etta R. (Goldthwaite) Wheelock. On August 14, 1937 he married Dority E. Rathbone, daughter of James C. and Lillian (Reynolds) Rathbone.


Some of his works include:

  • Wheelock's Latin
  • Latin Literature: A Book of Readings
  • He wrote the introduction and notes in Quintilian as Educator, by H.E. Butler


Wheelock's Latin 6th Edition, by Frederic M. Wheelock, revised by Richard A. LaFleur.