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Frederic de Forest Allen (1844–1897) was an American classical scholar, born in Oberlin, Ohio. He graduated at Oberlin College in 1863, and attended the University of Leipzig in 1868–1870. He earned his Ph.D. there with his thesis De Dialecto Locrensium. [1]

After his education, he was professor of foreign languages successively in the University of Tennessee, the University of Cincinnati, and at Yale College. He held the chair of classical philology at Harvard for the last seventeen years of his life.

A list of his books may be found in the Harvard Studies in Classical Philology, volume ix, (Boston, 1898). His books include:

  • Remnants of Early Latin, (1880)
  • A revision of Hadley's Greek Grammar, (second edition, 1886)
  • Greek Versification in Inscriptions (1888)
  • Æschylus: The Prometheus Bound and the Fragments of the Prometheus Unbound (1897)

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