Frederick, Count of Saarbrücken

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Frederick, Count of Saarbrücken
Spouse(s) Gisela of Lorraine
Noble family House of Saarbrücken
Father Siegbert of Saarbrücken
Born 11th century
Died 1135

Frederick, Count of Saarbrücken (died 1135) was a German nobleman. He was the first to style himself Count of Saarbrücken.


His father, Siegbert, was a count in the Saargau; his mother may have been a daughter of the Lord of Eppenstein. His brother Bruno was Bishop of Speyer; his brother Adalbert I was Archbishop of Mainz.

In 1105 Frederick inherited his father's position. In 1118, he was called Count of Saarbrücken for the first time. He was vassal of the Bishop of Metz.

Marriage and issue[edit]

Frederick was married to Gisela of Lorraine, who brought possessions around Hornbach Abbey into the marriage. They had three children: