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Frederick W. Alt is an American geneticist. He is a member of the Immunology section of the National Academy of Sciences and a Charles A. Janeway Professor of Pediatrics, and Professor of Genetics at Harvard Medical School.[1] He is also President of the Immune Disease Institute and Directory of the Program in Cellular and Molecular Medicine of Children's Hospital Boston. He is a HHMI investigator since 1987.

He received a Ph.D. in Biology from Stanford University in 1977, under the research direction of Robert Schimke, followed by postdoctoral work in David Baltimore's laboratory at MIT. From 1982-91 he was on the faculty at Columbia University and then moved to Harvard Medical School.[2]

His research interest is in maintenance of genome stability in cells of the mammalian immunological system, particularly antigen receptor variable region gene assembly in developing B and T lymphocytes, immunoglobulin heavy chain class switch recombination (CSR), and somatic hypermutation in activated mature B lymphocytes.[1]

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The Cancer Research Institute of New York gives an annual prize in his honor, the Frederick W. Alt Award for New Discoveries in Immunology.


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