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Frederick Brewing Company is a brewery in Frederick, Maryland, United States. The company's labels include Wildgoose, Blueridge, Little Kings, and others. Contract brewing is common at this brewery. The Wildgoose brand is available in traditional English style ale including India Pale Ale and an Oatmeal Stout.

In 2006, Frederick Brewing Company was sold to Flying Dog Ownership Group of Denver, CO. The newly formed entity will operate under the name Wild Goose Brewery, LLC and will share ownership with Flying Dog. The original Wild Goose Brewery was established 1989 in Cambridge, Maryland. Frederick Brewing Co. acquired the Wild Goose brand in 1997 and commenced brewing Wild Goose Ales in Frederick, Maryland sometime during 1998.

In November 2010, because of high demand for Flying Dog beer, Frederick Brewing Company no longer had the capacity to produce Wild Goose beer. By December 2010 Logan Shaw had agreed to purchase the Wild Goose brand of beer and the brand changed ownership in February 2011.[1]

Hempen Ale[edit]

In 1997, Frederick Brewing caused significant controversy and press attention when it launched Hempen Ale, a creamy brown ale flavored with hemp seeds and a label decorated with Japanese Maple leaves that bore a striking resemblance to marijuana. The launch followed a two-year approval process involving the Food and Drug Administration, Drug Enforcement Administration and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. The product was an instant commercial success and received awards at beer festivals. The company garnered further attention after it was reported by Drudge and US News and World Report that President Bill Clinton was served Hempen Ale aboard Air Force One, despite US military rules prohibiting hemp consumption.


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