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Frederick Gordon (Fred) Brownell OMSS SM MMM JCD, born 1940,[1] is a South African herald, vexillologist, and genealogist.

He designed the flags of Namibia and of South Africa.[1][2]


He joined the Bureau of Heraldry as Assistant State Herald in 1977, and was promoted to State Herald in 1982. He retired in 2002.

Brownell designed many coats of arms and flags, including the arms and flag of Namibia in 1990.[3] In 1994, he designed the new South African flag, with a three-armed converging cross of the sort called a pall in heraldry, to symbolise the convergence of different cultures into one for the future South Africa.[1] He later designed arms for the new provincial governments.[4] He was awarded the Order for Meritorious Service in 2000. He has also published many articles and several books on heraldry and flags.


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