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Frederick High School
650 Carroll Parkway Frederick
Frederick, MD, Maryland, 21701
Coordinates 39°25′00″N 77°25′34″W / 39.4167°N 77.4260°W / 39.4167; -77.4260Coordinates: 39°25′00″N 77°25′34″W / 39.4167°N 77.4260°W / 39.4167; -77.4260
Motto "Enter To Learn, Go Forth To Serve"
Established 1891
School district Frederick County Public Schools
School number (240) 236-7000
Principal Kathy Campagnoli
Vice principal David Franceschina
Mary Jacques
Drew Kibler
Aaron Phillips
Grades 9-12
Enrollment 1,386
Campus Small City
Campus size 12 acres (49,000 m2)
School colour(s) Black and Gold (Vegas Gold)
Slogan SABRE Nation
Athletics conference MVAL Piedmont Conference
Mascot Cadets
Rival Thomas Johnson Patriots, Tuscarora Titans
Newspaper The High Flyer
Yearbook The Last Word

Frederick High School (FHS) is a four-year public high school in Frederick, MD, Frederick County, Maryland, United States. A National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence, Frederick High is the oldest school in Frederick County , the school’s diverse population reflects its surrounding dynamic community. Frederick High School began in 1891 with girls and boys attending school in different buildings and matriculation occurring after three years. The current facility opened in 1939.[1] [1] The school serves the city of Frederick along with Governor Thomas Johnson High School and Tuscarora High School.


Frederick High School was established in 1891 at Koontz Hall on 156 North Market Street, and known then as the Male High School. The first graduating class had only one member. By 1912, a new school was built near Frederick Memorial Hospital on Park Avenue (the school formerly known as Elm Street) and became known as Boys’ High School. Tuition was charged for the students attending school during the last decade of the nineteenth century at a cost of $2.50 for the first year, $3.00 for the second year and $4.00 for the third year. At this time a student was required to complete only three years of high school to graduate. The story of high school education for girls in Frederick was very similar. The Girls’ School was housed from 1889 to 1922 in the large brick building on East Church Street that recently housed the offices of the Board of Education. When co-education was introduced in 1922 the Elm Street building was greatly enlarged and became known as Frederick High School. In the spring of 1940, commencement was held for the first time in the present school building, located on a large campus in the western section of town. In the fall of 1957, ninth grade students became part of a junior high school housed at Elm Street, and FHS then became a senior high school only. In 1957 a new vocational agriculture building with its farm shop and greenhouse was completed. The football field, track and other improvements were completed in 1959. Beginning in 1977 a major renovation project completely refurbished the existing building and more than doubled the square footage. Students who were temporarily moved to the West Frederick Junior High School returned to a new building in 1981 with a dedication ceremony held in November, after the final work on the gym,pool and auditorium had been completed.[2]

Current Building and School Replacement[edit]

Schematic drawing of the new Frederick High School
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The Board of Education has identified the modernization of older schools as a priority in the capital improvement program. A recent facility assessment study evaluated the physical condition of Frederick County Schools, as well as the ability to provide the current required curriculum. Frederick High was ranked highest in priority for high schools needing a complete renovation/modernization.

The school is located at 650 Carroll Parkway in historic downtown Frederick City. It is just north of Maryland Route 144, east of U.S. 15, south of West 2nd Street, and east of West College Terrace. Frederick High School was initially constructed in 1939 with additions in 1955, 1967, 1977 and 1980. Approximately one third of the building was renovated in 1977. While a few systemic improvements have been made to the school such as roof repairs, no other significant renovations have occurred in this building in almost 35 years. The building has 204,694 square feet (19,016.7 m2) of space located on 12 acres (4.9 ha) of land.[2]

A schematic drawing of the back of the new Frederick High School
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In the summer of 2012 a feasibility study was begun to explore options to renovate FHS. The Board of Education unanimously voted to allow students to remain in the current 1939 building while constructing a new school on the Frederick campus. The first step in the modernization of Frederick High was to perform a feasibility study. The purpose of the feasibility study was to identify school facility renovation/modernization needs and the cost of meeting those needs.

A schematic drawing of the new Frederick High School cafeteria
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The study was completed in December 2012 and in February 2013, the Board of Education approved Option Number 5 to construct a new facility on the existing site that will be located on the existing parking lot to the west of the existing building. Students will remain in the current building while the new building is constructed. Option 5 received approval from the Designees of the Interagency Committee on School Construction in February 2011.

A schematic drawing of a open air sitting area in the middle of the new Frederick High School
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Assuming that funding is available, it is anticipated that the project will go to bid in the spring of 2015 with construction starting in July 2015. The new school is expected to open in the fall 2017. Demolition of the old building and final site work will follow, with project completion by fall 2018. The budget of the renovation is $70,232,100.

A schematic drawing of the interior of the new FHS
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Approximately 90% of students attend four-year college, business, technical schools or community college. Frederick High's SAT scores continue to outdistance the average of those in the state of Maryland and the nation. Frederick High School's graduation rate has been steady over the past 12 years. In 2007 the school graduated 92.75%, the highest rate since 1993 when it reached 93.35%, up from a low of 90.65% in 2004. The AP participation rate at Frederick High is 40 percent. The student body makeup is 51 percent male and 49 percent female, and the total minority enrollment is 62 percent. [3]


Ethnicity  % of population
American Indian/Alaskan Native 0.4%
Asian 8%
African American 28%
Hawaiian Native/Pacific Islander 0.1%
Hispanic 19%
White 38%
Two or More Races 7%
Total Minority Enrollment 62%



The school's population had been steadily rising until 2003 when Tuscarora High School opened in southern Frederick.

Student population Maryland State Department of Education
1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012
1,697 1,752 1,782 1,795 1,799 1,811 1,738 1,782 1,870 1,950 1,957 1,541 1,403 1,240 1,320 1,335 1,346 1,343 1,348 1,386

Notable alumni[edit]


State Champions[4]

  • 2011 - Girls' Basketball
  • 2011 - Girls' Swimming
  • 2010 - Unified Track & Field
  • 2010 - Girls' Swimming
  • 2009 - Baseball
  • 2003 - Wrestling 103 lb (47 kg) Weight Class
  • 2001 - Wrestling 285 lb (129 kg) Weight Class
  • 1998 - Wrestling 145 lb (66 kg) Weight Class
  • 1997 - Wrestling 130 lb (59 kg) Weight Class
  • 1997 - Wrestling 145 lb (66 kg) Weight Class
  • 1997 - Wrestling 160 lb (73 kg) Weight Class
  • 1996 - Girls' Indoor Track
  • 1996 - Girls' Track & Field
  • 1995 - Girls' Cross Country
  • 1994 - Wrestling 130 lb (59 kg) Weight Class
  • 1994 - Wrestling 189 lb (86 kg) Weight Class
  • 1992 - Wrestling 103 lb (47 kg) Weight Class
  • 1991 - Wrestling 119 lb (54 kg) Weight Class
  • 1990 - Wrestling 135 lb (61 kg) Weight Class
  • 1989 - Girls' Cross Country
  • 1986 - Boys' Track & Field
  • 1983 - Girls' Indoor Track
  • 1983 - Girls' Track & Field
  • 1982 - Boys' Basketball
  • 1982 - Girls' Indoor Track
  • 1982 - Girls' Track & Field
  • 1981 - Boys' Cross Country B
  • 1981 - Girls' Indoor Track
  • 1981 - Girls' Track & Field
  • 1980 - Girls' Indoor Track
  • 1980 - Girls' Track & Field
  • 1979 - Girls' Track & Field
  • 1978 - Boys' Basketball
  • 1974 - Boys' Basketball
  • 1972 - Boy's Golf
  • 1970 - Boys' Track & Field
  • 1969 - Football
  • 1969 - Boys' Track & Field
  • 1968 - Boys' Track & Field
  • 1967 - Boys' Basketball
  • 1967 - Boys' Track & Field
  • 1962 - Boys' Track & Field
  • 1957 - Boys' Basketball
  • 1952 - Football
  • 1917 - Football
  • 1915 - Football

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