Frederick Orpen Bower

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Frederick Orpen Bower
Frederick Orpen Bower cph.3b31674.jpg
Born 4 November 1855
Died 11 April 1948
Nationality United Kingdom
Fields botany
Notable awards Linnean Medal (1909)
Royal Medal (1910)
Darwin Medal
Fellow of the Royal Society[1]
Author abbrev. (botany) Bower

Frederick Orpen Bower FRS[1] (4 November 1855 – 11 April 1948) was a British botanist. He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1891.[1] He was awarded the Gold Medal of the Linnean Society in 1909 and the Darwin Medal of the Royal Society in 1938.[2] He was president of the British Association in 1929–1930.[3]

The archives for Frederick Orpen Bower are maintained by the Archives of the University of Glasgow (GUAS).


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