Frederick Rinehart Anspach

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Frederick Rinehart Anspach (January 1815, in central Pennsylvania – 16 September 1867, in Baltimore, Maryland) was a Lutheran clergyman and writer.

He graduated from the Pennsylvania College, Gettysburg, in 1839, and at the Lutheran Theological Seminary in 1841. He was pastor for nine years of the churches of Barren Hill and White Marsh, and subsequently at Hagerstown, Maryland.


A sermon delivered on the occasion of the death of Henry Clay was his first publication. His Sons of the Sires, Sepulchres of our Departed (Philadelphia, 1854), The Two Pilgrims (1857), and other works appeared in rapid succession. In 1857, he moved to Baltimore, where he became a contributor to the Lutheran Observer, and in 1858 its principal editor, in which office he continued till 1861.


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