Frederick V, Count of Zollern

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Frederick V, Count of Zollern
Spouse(s) Udilhild of Dillingen
Noble family House of Hohenzollern
Father Frederick IV, Count of Zollern
Mother Elizabeth of Abensberg
Died 24 May 1289(1289-05-24)
Hohenzollern Castle

Frederick V. of Zollern (died: 24 May 1289 at Hohenzollern Castle) nicknamed, the Illustrious was a Count of Zollern.


Frederick was a son of the Count Frederick IV of Zollern from his 1248 marriage to Elizabeth of Abensberg. He succeeded his father around 1255 as Count of Zollern.

Frederick was appointed reeve of Beuron Archabbey. He founded the Stetten Abbey in Gnadental in 1259 and he and his wife expanded the abbey in 1267. They added a crypt where members of the Zollern family would be buried. A tunnel may have connected the castle to this crypt.[1] Legend has it that Frederick built this abbey to resolve a problem he had with Emperor Frederick II, after he had refused to contribute troops when the Emperor was raising an army.[2]

Frederick has a long-running conflict with the Counts of Hohenberg, which was settled when King Rudolph I of Germany mediated in 1286.

Frederick was described as pious and respectful. During his reign, the county of Zollern reached the peak of its influence. After his death, the county was divided among his sons and lost its importance.

Marriage and issue[edit]

In 1258, Frederick married Udilhild, the daughter of Hartmann, the last Count of Dillingen, and sister of Bishop Hartmann of Augsburg. Udilhild survived her husband and died as a nun in Stetten Abbey. They had the following children:

married in 1281 to Princess Kunigunde of Baden (1265-1310)
  • Frederick (d. 1304), provost in Augsburg
  • Adelaide (d. 1296/1308)
married Henry of Geroldeck (d. 1300)
  • Frederick of Merkenberg (d. 1302/3), founder of the line at Schalksburg
married in 1282 to Udilhild of Merkenberg (d. 1305)
  • Wilburg (died after 1300), a nun in Stetten


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Frederick V, Count of Zollern
Died: 24 May 1289
Preceded by
Frederick IV
Count of Zollern
Succeeded by
Frederick VI