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Frederick Wilhelm Houser (born April 15, 1871 Jones County, Iowa – died October 12, 1942 Los Angeles, California)

Frederick W. Houser was born to Justus Christian Houser and Martha Rodman in Jones County, Iowa. He moved to Los Angeles and was one of the founding signatures to what is now the University of Southern California Law School also known as the USC Gould School Of Law and was the first graduate in the class of 1900. It was there he met his wife, Sara Wilde, who was also a founding signature for the school. They had two children, Frederick F. Houser who became Lt. Governor of California, and Rodman Wilde Houser. Frederick W. Houser later became a judge in the Los Angeles area.

Frederick W. Houser served from 1907–1922 as a Judge in the Los Angeles Superior Court. In 1923 became Associate Justice in the California Court Of Appeals. He held that title there until 1935 when he became Presiding Justice in the California Courts of Appeals which he held until 1937 when he became Associate Justice in the California Supreme Court where he remained until 1942. He also served as a member of the California Judicial Council from 1935. He was a Republican. [1]

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