Fredonyer Pass

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Fredonyer Pass
Fredonyer Pass is located in California
Fredonyer Pass
Elevation 5,751 feet (1,753 m)[1]
Traversed by State Route 36
Location Lassen County, California, United States
Range Sierra Nevada/Cascades
Coordinates 40°21′35″N 120°52′03″W / 40.35972°N 120.86750°W / 40.35972; -120.86750Coordinates: 40°21′35″N 120°52′03″W / 40.35972°N 120.86750°W / 40.35972; -120.86750[1]

Fredonyer Pass, elevation 5,751 feet (1,753 m), is a high mountain pass in Lassen County, California,[1] southwest of Susanville and southeast of Mount Lassen. It lies on the Great Basin Divide between the Feather River to the west and the Susan River and Honey Lake to the east.

The pass is traversed by State Route 36 and has virtually the same elevation as Morgan Summit to the west (sources vary). It is subject to snowfall during the winter.

Fredonyer Pass is part of the approximate boundary between the Sierra Nevada and the Cascade Range. This irregular boundary is sometimes defined as the southern extent of Cenozoic igneous surface rock from the Cascade Range.[2] This boundary roughly follows the drainage of the North Fork of the Feather River southeast to Fredonyer Pass. Note that there are other Cenozoic igneous rocks in the Sierra (e.g., near Lake Tahoe), but there is a clear geological division near Fredonyer Pass, and points westward as far as the Sacramento Valley.

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