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Johan Fredrik Paasche (né Amundsen; 3 February 1886 – 1 September 1943) was a Norwegian literary historian.

He was born in Bindal, a son of Olaf Kristian Amundsen and a brother of Olaf Amundsen.[1] He resided at Høvik,[2] until fleeing to Sweden in May 1940 following the German invasion of Norway. He died in Uppsala.[1]

He was appointed professor of European literature in 1920, and professor of Middle Age literature in 1938. He co-edited the series Norsk litteraturhistorie, planned jointly with Francis Bull from 1911, of which he wrote volume I (on Norway's and Iceland's literature until the end of the Middle Ages, published from 1923 to 1926) and volume III (on Norwegian literature from 1814 to the 1850s, published from 1927 to 1932).[1][3]


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