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Free Congress Foundation
Free Congress Foundation.jpg
Founded 1977
Founder Paul Weyrich
Type 501(c)(3) non-profit
Key people
Jim Gilmore

The Free Congress Foundation is a conservative think tank founded by Paul Weyrich. It is based in Alexandria, VA. Since 2010, the Foundation has been headed by former governor of Virginia Jim Gilmore. Under Gilmore's leadership the Free Congress Foundation has focused on tax, economic, urban, transportation, and foreign policy.


The Free Congress Foundation is a 501(c)(3)research and education organization. It also has a sister organization, Free Congress Action, which, as a 501(c)(4), is permitted to lobby, and a political action committee.[edit]

In February of 2014, Free Congress Foundation announced American Opportunity, a new project the focuses on three initiatives: Full Employment, Healthy Communities, and American Greatness.

American Opportunity is dedicated to an America that is growing, dynamic, exciting, optimistic and providing a path for achievement for all Americans. American Opportunity seeks to build a country with robust job growth, offering choices for people as they start and build careers. This project aspires to create policies that create a country where businessmen and women start enterprises, make investments in their businesses and need new workers and employees. Its policy focus is creating and America with rising wages, as profits increase, and businesses have to offer increased salaries to get the most enabled employees.


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