Free Land (film)

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Free Land
Directed by Milo Harbich
Written by Kurt Hahne (play)
Milo Harbich
Starring Ursula Voß
Fritz Wagner
Herbert Wilk
Hans Sternberg
Music by Werner Eisbrenner
Cinematography Otto Baecker
Edited by Margarete Steinborn
Distributed by Sovexport-Film
Release dates
18 October 1946
Running time
94 minutes
Country Germany
(Soviet sector)
Language German

Free Land (German:Freies Land) is a 1946 German drama film directed by Milo Harbich and starring Ursula Voß, Fritz Wagner and Herbert Wilk. The film was a work of propaganda made by DEFA in the Soviet occupation zone which later became East Germany. It uses a neorealist style to portray the effects of land reforms brought in by the Soviet authorities.[1]



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