Free Trade International Bridge

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The Free Trade International Bridge is an international bridge which crosses the Rio Grande connecting the United States-Mexico border cities of Los Indios, Texas and Matamoros, Tamaulipas. The bridge is also known as "Los Indios-Lucio Blanco Bridge", "Puente Lucio Blanco-Los Indios", "Puente Internacional Libre Comercio" and "Los Indios Free Trade Bridge".[1]


The Free Trade International Bridge is currently owned by Cameron County, which also manages it. The bridge was completed and opened in 1992 and is four lanes wide and 503 feet (153 m) long.[1]


Coordinates: 26°1′45.0″N 97°44′19.5″W / 26.029167°N 97.738750°W / 26.029167; -97.738750