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A team of super-heroes active in the 1940s who are also the parents of the inept crimefighters known as the Inferior Five. The adventures of the Inferior Five were published by DC Comics in the 1960s.

Membership: Patriot, Lady Liberty, Captain Swift, The Bowman, Princess Power, Mr. Might, The Mermaid.

Charter: To fight crime in Megalopolis.

Comments: This group is a parody of other DC characters, respectively: Uncle Sam, Miss America, The Flash, Green Arrow, Wonder Woman, Superman, and Aquaman. Patriot is the son of the Yellowjacket (a parody of the 1930s radio hero the Green Hornet), and Lady Liberty is an expert in judo and karate. The Freedom Brigade appeared only twice: in issues 62 and 65 of DC's "tryout" magazine Showcase. In the first story, they coaxed their offspring to band together as the "Inferior Five." In the second, they served as teachers at Dean Egghead's Academy for Superheroes (a parody of Marvel Comics' Professor X and the X-Men).

All information came from Jeff Rovin's The Encyclopedia of Superheroes, pg. 355 of Appendix A - "Superhero Teams."