Freiburg–Colmar railway

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Freiburg (Breisgau)–Colmar
Breisach station
Breisach station
Bahnstrecke Müllheim–Mulhouse.png
Route number: 729 (Freiburg–Breisach)
Line length: 44.1
Track gauge: 1435
German state: Baden-Württemberg
French region: Alsace
from Strasbourg
from Metzeral
44.1 Colmar
to Mulhouse
to Bollwiller
38.8 Neuland
36.1 Sundhoffen(Sundhofen)
29.7 Wolfgantzen(Wolfganzen)
27.2 Neuf-Brisach(formerly Neubreisach)
26.1 Volgelsheim(formerly Neubreisach)
former line to Bantzenheim
to port, to Chemin de Fer Touristique du Rhin
old Rhine Bridge at Breisach (328 m)
National border France/Germany
22.5 Breisach
Kaiserstuhl Railway to Riegel DB
17.8 Ihringen
14.9 Wasenweiler
Kaiserstuhl Railway from Riegel Ort
11.7 Gottenheim
7.4 Hugstetten
4.3 Freiburg West
2.4 Freiburg Messe/Universität
2.3 former/current link to GUB
Freiburg rail freight bypass (GUB)
1.4 Freiburg Klinikum
Rhine Valley Railway from Mannheim
0.0 Freiburg (Breisg) Hbf
Höllen Valley Railway to Donaueschingen
Rhine Valley Railway to Basel

The Freiburg–Colmar railway was an international railway that formerly connected Freiburg im Breisgau, in the German state of Baden-Württemberg, with Colmar, in the French department of Alsace. The line crossed the River Rhine on a bridge between Breisach and Neuf-Brisach. Since that bridge was destroyed in 1945, the line from Freiburg has terminated at Breisach, and this stretch of line is now commonly called the Freiburg–Breisach railway, or the Breisachbahn. The section from Freiburg to Breisach was completed in 1871 and the remainder in 1878.


The line commences from a junction with the Rhine Valley Railway just to the north of Freiburg Hauptbahnhof and runs in a general westerly direction to Breisach via Gottenheim and Ihringen. At both Gottenheim and Breisach, junctions are made with two branches of the Kaiserstuhlbahn, both linking to Riegel am Kaiserstuhl.[1]

Beyond Breisach, the route of the railway across the Rhine is now occupied by a road crossing, and the piers of the former railway bridge have been reused to support the road bridge.

At Volgelsheim the railway recommences, with a link to the nearby Rhine port and the Chemin de Fer Touristique du Rhin heritage railway. The line continues through Neuf-Brisach and Sundhoffen to a junction with the Strasbourg–Basel railway in the Gare de Colmar.


In Germany[edit]

Whilst the track of the Breisachbahn is owned by DB Netz AG, passenger services are provided by the Breisgau S-Bahn, a railway company partially owned by the Südwestdeutsche Verkehrs-Aktiengesellschaft (SWEG), who also own and operate the Kaiserstuhlbahn. Typical service is two trains per hour from Freiburg to Breisach, with an hourly service on Sundays.[1][2][3]

In France[edit]

The French section of the line carries only freight traffic.[1]


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