Fremantle Port Authority

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Fremantle Ports building with harbour control on the top, and statue of C. Y. O'Connor

Fremantle Port Authority also known as Fremantle Ports is the responsible authority created under the Western Australian Port Authorities Act 1999.[1]

Harbour administration[edit]

In August 1829 the Fremantle Harbour Master position was created, with the Harbour and Light Department and Chief Harbour Master of Fremantle position being created in January 1880.[2] In 1886 Charles Russell was the harbour master until 1902 [3]

Fremantle Harbour Trust[edit]

In 1903 Fremantle Harbour Trust was created with 5 commissioners, 3 commissioners to be appointed by the Governor with the remaining 2 positions appointed by the Fremantle Chamber of Commerce and the Perth Chamber of Commerce respectively, chairman of the Trust was then appointed by the Governor.[4] The first formal meeting of the Fremantle Harbour Trust commissioners occurred on 5 January 1903 in the Dalgety Building, the original board of commissioners were -R Laurie(chairman), C Hudson, William Sandover, A Leeds and T Coombe. At that time resident Engineer of Harbour works was W. Leslie and harbour master was Captain Irvine, both of whom were present for the meeting.[5]

Fremantle Port Authority[edit]

The Harbour trust ceased in November 1964, and was replaced by the Fremantle Port Authority.[6]