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Fremont Central Park, with Lake Elizabeth at the left.

Fremont Central Park is a 450-acre (180 ha) park that lies in the central area of Fremont, California. The park is on Paseo Padre Parkway at Stevenson Boulevard and is easily accessible from both I-880 & I-680. It began development in 1960. In the park lies Lake Elizabeth, an 83-acre (34 ha) man made lake that serves as a scenic picture for the residents who come to picnic, play sports, walk or tour the vicinity. The lake was dedicated to Fremont's sister city, Elizabeth, South Australia in 1969. For other recreation, the northeastern side of the park consists of the large Fremont Park Golf Course.

Government offices[edit]

Within the park area are several City and County Government offices and buildings. Immediately in the park vicinity is the main Fremont branch of the Alameda County Library. The library has a large children's section, inviting families to come and enjoy the park. Also directly in the park is the Fremont Police Headquarters which provides visitors with a sense of safety and security. In the park, there is also a Visitor's Center that gives tourists information on the several sites of Fremont and the East Bay.

Also within the area is the Fremont Hall of Justice, the Fremont branch of the Alameda County Courthouse, which lies across the street on Paseo Padre Parkway. Nearby there is Fremont City Hall, the City Clerk's office and a branch of the US Social Security Administration. The district offices of the local US Representative, California State Senator and California State Assemblyman are within the area as well. Also nearby is the renowned California School for the Deaf, which is a block and a half away from the park. Two blocks from the park is the publicly owned Washington Hospital. The privately owned Kaiser Permanente - Fremont Medical Center is also in the park vicinity.


The Fremont BART station is about a block and a half away from the park. The station is the southernmost terminus for BART (for now) and so is serviced by VTA for Santa Clara County residents. The park is serviced by AC Transit. The AMTRAK and ACE train station in Centerville is over 2 miles (3.2 km) away so AC Transit is the best way to travel between the station and the park.


Since the park is in the Downtown Fremont area, within the vicinity are several shopping plazas and retail centers. Directly down the street from the park is the Gateway Shopping Plaza and the Washington West Plaza, both of which are adjacent to Washington Hospital and the BART station. Included in these plazas are a Raley's grocery store, Pet Food Express, and Peet's Coffee and Tea. A block away from there on Mowry Avenue is the Fremont Plaza which includes a Starbucks, a Petco and a Rite Aid pharmacy. This plaza runs right onto Fremont Boulevard where across the street is the Fremont Hub Shopping Center, the largest of the plazas in the vicinity. Included in the Hub are a Target, a Trader Joe's, a Bed Bath and Beyond and a Safeway grocery store. In all of these plazas are several restaurants and cafes as well. The city of Fremont is in the planning stages to turn Capitol Avenue (the street which connects all these plazas and where City Hall stands) into a pedestrian walkway to make City Hall & all the shopping centers more accessible to workers, visitors and consumers 1pdf.


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