French Academy of Bilingual Culture, New Milford, New Jersey

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The 'French American Academy, also known as FAA, is a Bilingual school offering full time school programs from pre-K to grade 4. FAA has three campuses in Northern New Jersey, in New Milford (Bergen County) and Morris Plains (Morris County) and in Jersey City.


FAA was created in February 2007 by Anne-Sophie and Jean-Francois Gueguen, two French citizens living in USA, willing to promote bilingualism and offer a bilingual education to children. FAA was initially hosted in St Mary, a former catholic school in Dumont, NJ. In 2010, the school moved to a bigger location in New Milford, NJ. At the same time FAA opened a second campus in Morris Plains, NJ.


A leader in dual language education, The French American Academy serves students from Nursery through 4th grade, adding a grade each year with plans to go to 8th grade. The Academy also hosts after school activities in French, enrichment classes, summer programs for children and language classes for adults. There are locations in New Milford, Morris Plains and Jersey City, New Jersey. FAA proposes a curriculum based on bilingual education and its impact on young child development. According to research from Eric Lenneberg, Ellen Bialystok, younger children have a superior ability to learn and master a second language. This "fluency" readiness is lost after age 12. Once the young child has mastered a second language, he develops an acquisition template that he or she can use while learning new languages. Also a young child who can speak another language fluently language will be more able to understand and play with abstracts concepts unrelated to language, like math or science. FAA has published a film "The Paths We Choose" to illustrate these principles.


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