French Guiana women's national football team

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 French Guiana
Association Ligue de Football de Guyane
Confederation CONCACAF (North America)
First colours
Second colours

French Guiana women's national football team is the national team for French Guiana.


In 1985, almost no country in the world had a women's national football team.[1] In March 2012, the team was not ranked in the world by FIFA.[2]

French Guiana women's national under-19 football team played in the 2007 Inter-Guyana Games. Women's football was a demonstration sport and the Games were held in French Guiana. The team beat Amapá 1–0 on 23 March. They lost to the guest team Venezuela 0–9 in the finals on 24 March. The score at the half was 0–4.[3]


Women's matches governed by the national association require a minimum of nine players a side or the match will be forfeited and the team charged 300 euros. If during a game, the number is reduced to below the minimum, the game will be suspended and the situation reported to the federation within 48 hours.[4]


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