French National Convention election, 1792

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French National Convention election, 1792
French First Republic
1791 ←
September 1792 → 1795

  First party Second party Third party
  Emmanuel Joseph Sieyès - crop.jpg Robespierre.jpg Jacques Pierre Brissot de Warville.gif
Leader Emmanuel Joseph Sieyès Maximilien Robespierre Jacques Pierre Brissot
Party The Plain The Mountain Girondist
Seats won 389 200 160

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Composition of the National Convention

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The French National Convention election elected the National Convention

The election was held in September and were the first to be held under universal suffrage. An absolute majority of the deputies elected belonged to the Marais party, a political faction of vague but largely moderate policies. The Montagnards or Jacobins received 200 seats and the republican, though more moderate Girondin faction 160 seats. The election preceded the fall of the Gironde as a political faction, mainly because of the political and social unrest following the war started by the Girondist-dominated government in the spring of 1792.

Turnout was only 10%.


Party Seats
  Marais 389
  Montagnards 200
  Girondins 160