French Society of Cinematographers

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FSC AFC Logo.gif
Full name Association Française des chefs opérateurs de la Cinématographie
Founded 1991 ?
Members ~115
Key people Caroline Champetier – President
Office location Paris, France
Country France

The French Society of Cinematographers (Association Française des directeurs de la photographie Cinématographique) is the French equivalent of American Society of Cinematographers.

The AFC (in full the French Association of the Cinematographic photography directors) is not a labor-union but a non-profit organization based on the 1901 French law (equivalent to the Belgian asbl).

The AFC was founded by Henri Alekan. The AFC is member and co-founder of Imago, the European Federation of the Cinematographer Associations.

The AFC claims to have put together "the most" of the "directeurs photos" or "chefs opérateurs" ("photobraphy directors" or "operators in chief" that is to say cinematographers). The new members are invited to join the association by the active members. The AFC is supported by technic industry. (Kodak, Fuji, Laboratories like LTC, post-production company as Duran and, above all the CNC.

Consulting members are specially designated people to inform the AFC. Among them, Jean-Pierre Beauviala (fr) (inventor of the Aaton).

AFC office is located in the FEMIS, historic studio of Pathé in Montmartre ( 8 rue Francœur, 75018, Paris France).

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