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For the British 1964 film, see French Dressing (1964 film). For the American 1927 film, see French Dressing (1927 film).
French dressing
Sandwich with Catalina dressing.jpg
Chicken, swiss cheese and lettuce sandwich with avocado slices topped with Catalina french dressing
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French dressing is a term used for different salad dressings in different countries. Initially the term was a synonym for "vinaigrette".

In the United States and Canada, it refers to an oil and vinegar based dressing that is usually rather sweet.[1] Ketchup is one ingredient, making it red to orange in color; sugar is added for sweetness. Worcestershire sauce and paprika are key ingredients. Some versions include chopped onions. It is also available as a "creamy" version, which is opaque. In Germany, French dressing is somewhat similar.[2] In Switzerland, it is a white dressing with mayonnaise or cream.[3]In the UK, French dressing refers to a somewhat thick, off-white dressing made with vinegar, oil, Dijon mustard and garlic, often with herbs added.


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