French legislative election, 1877

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French legislative election, 1877
1876 ←
14 and 28 October 1877 → 1881

All 521 seats to the National Assembly
261 seats needed for a majority
  First party Second party
Party Republican Union Bonapartist
Last election 393 76
Seats won 313 104
Seat change Decrease80 Increase28

  Third party Fourth party
Party Legitimist Orleanist
Last election 24 40
Seats won 44 11
Seat change Increase20 Decrease29
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The 1877 general election held to elect the third legislature of the 3rd Republic was held on 14 and 28 October 1877 after President Patrice de MacMahon dissolved the National Assembly, elected in 1876 to benefit the conservatives and royalists. It is noteworthy to say that although the monarchists lost the election, they increased their seat total over 1876; the Republicans lost 80 seats, but retained a majority advantage of 313 seats over the opposition.

Along with the 1997 election, it is a rare case of an election in which the sitting President's party lost a general election which he had called. This election proved a serious setback for those hoping for a restoration of the monarchy, such as MacMahon.


Parliamentary Groups[edit]

Affiliation Party Seats
  Republican Union 313
  Bonapartists 104
  Legitimists 44
  Orleanists 11
Total 521