Fantasque (1758 ship)

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For other ships of the same name, see French ship Fantasque.
Protecteur mg 9407.jpg
Model of Protée, sister-ship of Fantasque
Career (France)
Name: Fantasque
Builder: Toulon
Launched: 1758
General characteristics
Armament: 64 guns

Fantasque was a 64-gun ship of the line of the French Navy. She is famous for being captained by the famous French commander Suffren during the American Revolutionary War.

Fantasque was launched in 1758 at Toulon.[1] Fantasque was a member of Admiral Jean-François de La Clue-Sabran '​s fleet as it sailed from Toulon on 5 August 1759. Admiral La Clue and his captains were given orders only to be opened having passed through the Strait of Gibraltar. Once through the Strait, Admiral Edward Boscawen, ordered the British Mediterranean Fleet to sail in pursuit. Fantasque was the lead ship of the weaker column of La Clue '​s fleet and her captain chose to lead the column to the safety of the port at Cadiz, avoiding the closing British and the subsequent engagement, the Battle of Lagos.[2]


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