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Birth name Adnan Hamidović
Also known as Frenk the Tenk, Frenkoza, Frenkzilla, Charlie, Frenkie
Born (1982-05-31) 31 May 1982 (age 32)
Bijeljina, SR Bosnia and Herzegovina, Yugoslavia
Genres Bosnian hip-hop
Occupation(s) Rapper
Years active 1997–present
Labels Fmjam, Menart, Hayat Production
Associated acts Edo Maajka, HZA, Disciplinska Komisija,

Adnan Hamidović (born 31 May 1982), better known by his stage name Frenkie, is a Bosnian rapper[1] from Bijeljina. The themes present in his music are often concerned with the political situation in Bosnia,[2] as well as traditional hip-hop subject matter such as battle rapping and pop culture. As of 2013, he has recorded four successful full-length albums to date: Odličan CD (2005), Povratak Cigana (2007), Protuotrov (2009) and Troyanac (2012). He also released an extended play, Pokreni se (2008) and a Bosnian only released album DOSTA! (2006).[3]

Frenkie is also a member of the crew Disciplinska Komisija which includes Edo Maajka, HZA, Mire and Dj Soul.

Life and music career[edit]

Early life[edit]

Adnan Hamidović was born in the Bosnian city of Bijeljina on 31 May 1982, where he lived until 1992, when the Bosnian War started and Yugoslavia broke apart. After escaping the war, he settled with his family in Nürnberg, Germany until 1998. There he was first introduced to hip-hop culture, where he first started to make hip-hop music and graffiti. His first rap lyrics were in German. German hip-hop has influenced his style of rap throughout his career and he remains influenced by it. After returning to Bosnia, he went to Tuzla and continued with his graffiti, making him one of the first to make hip-hop related graffiti art after the war.

Early career[edit]

In 1999, with the beginning of the station "Fmjam" on radio "Kameleon", he befriended DJ Soul and Erol, who started Fmjam and the first hip-hop demo singles. Frenkie, Koma, Ady started the group "Prljavi Anđeli" (Dirty Angels).

Then later that same year, "Disciplinska Komisija" (DK) was formed. At the time of the formation the members were: spearhead of the group Edo Maajka, Frenkie, Hamaz, Mire, Koma and their DJ Soul. Edo Maajka released his popular album "Slusaj Mater" and started tours and concerts, which he was joined by Frenkie, doing the people got to know him that way. Frenkie is known for his fast rapping and energy, never before seen in rap. On Edo Maajka's second studio album "No Sikiriki", Frenkie is featured on two songs, establishing himself even more.


In 2007, radio station 202 was fined 5000 euros by the BIH organization RAK for Frenkie's song "Mr. Policeman", a song talking about corrupt police forces. After that fine, Frenkie released a song in response to RAK on FMJam called "Massiv", which criticizes and mocks this institution.


Main article: Frenkie discography

Frenkie's first album, Odličan CD, was released in 2005. It included the singles "Bruce Lee Rap" with Baby Dooks and "Raise" with Defence. Frenkie's second album, DOSTA!", featuring his beat maker King Mire from Brčko, was released in June 2006 and was dedicated to the movement of the same name, which is gaining popularity in Bosnia. Singles from the album include "Rat Savezu" which was dedicated to the Bosnian Soccer Fans "BHFANATICOS" in their war against the corrupt Bosnian Football Federation; Frenkie has released a video clip for this hit song. He has also released a video for "Mr Policeman". The title track of his album, Povratak Cigana (2007), was released as its first single on FMJAM's website. It features Hamza, Frenkie's long time friend.

In addition to his solo work, Frenkie has featured on many Disciplinska Komisija songs such as "America 2" and "Ustaj", and on Edo Maajka's albums on "Ozezi", "Ne-Mo-Zes" and "Stvoren Za Rep".

In the summer of 2008, Frenkie's song 'Soundtrack' (from the album Odličan CD) was used in the movie The Incredible Hulk. The song was used in during a very rough cab driving scene featuring Edward Norton and Liv Tyler.

Frenkie recorded a song with Masta Ace called Živili. It was released on Frenkie's 2009 album Protuotrov.

Frenkie is part of the Diversidad crew. Diversidad: A Unique European Urban Experience has a collective album gathering twenty rappers, beat-makers and DJ’s, which includes Frenkie.

Studio albums[edit]

Ep-s, regional and other releases[edit]



  • Who the Fuck is Frenkie (came out with his album Protuotrov, 2009)


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