FreuD euch

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freuD euch
Studio album by Nina Hagen
Released January 1, 1995
Genre Punk rock
Length 41:21
Label Ariola
Producer Nina Hagen, Toubab, Ralf Goldkind
Nina Hagen chronology
Revolution Ballroom
freuD euch

FreuD euch is the ninth (seventh solo) studio album by Nina Hagen, released in 1995. It marks the return of the punk feel of Nina Hagen's first album with short, guitar-lead outrageous tracks. The cover artwork includes three holographic pictures (which when moved from right to left show Nina Hagen spelling something, maybe the album's title) amongst holographic flowers.

Track listing[edit]

All tracks composed by Nina Hagen; except where indicated

  1. "(Another Junkie) Einfach Nina" 1:20
  2. "Lass Mich in Ruhe!" (Hagen, Dee Dee Ramone) 1:48
  3. "Stacheldraht" 2:50
  4. "Tiere" (Hagen, Ralf Goldkind) 3:27
  5. "Zero Zero U.F.O." (German version) (Hagen, Dee Dee Ramone) 2:34
  6. "Gloria Halleluja Amen" (Hagen, Ralf Goldkind) 1:45
  7. "Geburt" (Hagen, Ralf Goldkind) 3:40
  8. "Sonntag Morgen" (Lou Reed, John Cale) 3:27
  9. "Abgehaun" (Hagen, Dee Dee Ramone) 3:41
  10. "Freiheitslied" 3:19
  11. "Wende" 1:59
  12. "Kunst" 2:41
  13. "Riesenschritt" (Carole King, Gerry Goffin) 3:04
  14. "Sternmädchen" (Hagen, Dee Dee Ramone) 2:49
  15. "Elefantengott Jai Ganesh" (Ralf Goldkind, Rai Das) 2:57

The last song's length is indicated as 2:57 on record's sleeve; in fact, "Elefantengott Jai Ganesh" lasts 5:03, and is followed by a 30 seconds silence and a cover of "Pank" (who already closed "Nina Hagen Band"), resulting of a 7:07 track.


  • Nina Hagen - vocals
  • Chris Hughes - bass, guitar
  • Dee Dee Ramone - rhythm guitar
  • Ralf Goldkind - guitar, bass, keyboards, programming
  • Fred Thurley - guitar
  • David Nash - programming
  • Rai Das - noise
  • Andy Birr - percussion