Friedrich Sthamer

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Friedrich Sthamer
Gustav Friedrich Sthamer 1905.jpg
Friedrich Sthamer, photograph by Rudolf Dührkoop in 1905
First Mayor of Hamburg
In office
January 1920 – February 1920
Preceded by Werner von Melle
Succeeded by Arnold Diestel
German Ambassador to the United Kingdom
In office
Preceded by Karl Max von Lichnowsky[1]
Succeeded by Konstantin von Neurath
Personal details
Born 24 November 1856
Groß Weeden
Died 29 June 1931
Nationality German

Gustav Friedrich Carl Johann Sthamer (1856 – 1931) was a German lawyer, First Mayor of Hamburg, and ambassador.

Sthamer was born on 24 November 1856 in Groß Weeden, part of the municipality Rondeshagen. He studied law at the universities of Heidelberg, Leipzig, and Göttingen.[2] In 1879, Sthamer became a lawyer in Hamburg, and in 1892, chairman of Hamburg's bar association. 1901–1904, Sthamer was member of the Hamburg Parliament, and elected to the Senate of Hamburg in 1904. During the First World War, Sthamer was president of the civil government of the occupied Antwerp.

In 1919, Sthamer was elected to the Senate of Hamburg and became First Mayor of Hamburg in 1920. After a short term in office, Sthamer resigned because he was appointed as German ambassador to the United Kingdom.[3]

Sthamer died on 29 June 1931.


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