Friedrich von Arensdorff

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Friedrich von Arenstorff
Friedrich Arenstorff 1626-1689.jpg
Born 1626
Died 1689
Allegiance Sweden
Service/branch Swedish Army
Royal Danish Army
Years of service 1645 – 1689
Rank Supreme Commander

Copenhagen (1660)
Scanian War (1675 – 1679)

Friedrich von Arenstorff (Danish: Frederik von Arenstorff) (1626 – 1689) was an officer in Swedish and Danish military service.

Military Career[edit]

Von Arenstorff started his career in the Swedish Army in Poland in 1645 and took part in the siege of Copenhagen in 1660.

In 1661 he went into Danish pay. After his brother Carl von Arenstorff had been wounded, and the king had fled, he commanded the Royal Danish Army at the Battle of Lund in 1676. It is believed that his formalism cost the Danes the victory.

In 1678 he commanded the Danish army in Scania. For disobeying the command to save the trapped Danish army at Kristianstad he was sentenced to death with loss of title, land and property, but reprieved by the King.

It is believed that his cruelty towards the civilians of Scania made many of them prefer Swedish rule.

In 1688 he was made Supreme Commander of the whole Danish Army.

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