Friends (2001 film)

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Friends DVD Cover.jpg
DVD Cover
Directed by Siddique
Produced by Appachan
Written by Siddique
Gokul Krishna
Starring Vijay
Ramesh Khanna
Music by Ilaiyaraaja
Cinematography Anandakuttan
Edited by T. R. Shekar
K. R. Gowrishankar
Release dates January 14, 2001
Running time 167 minutes
Country India
Language Tamil
Budget INR5 crore
Box office INR32.6 crore

Friends is a 2001 Tamil comedy film directed by Siddique and produced by Appachan. The film featured Vijay, Suriya and Ramesh Khanna, in the title roles, while Devayani, Abhinyashree, Vijayalakshmi, Sriman and Vadivelu amongst others play supporting roles. The music was composed by Ilaiyaraaja, while Anandakuttan handled cinematography. The film is a remake of the Siddique's own Malayalam film by the same name. The film released in January 2001.It declared as "Super hit" at box office with in 175 days theratical run.


Aravindhan (Vijay), Chandru (Surya), and Krishnamurthy (Ramesh Khanna) value friendship over everything else, even family, and for this reason, Chandru resists the advances of Aravindan's sister Amutha (Vijayalakshmi). When the trio take up a painter's job at a mansion, Aravindan falls in love with Padmini (Devayani), who lives there. Padmini's jealous cousin Abhirami (Abinayasri) makes him believe that his overtures are reciprocated. When the truth is revealed and Padmini rejects him outright, Chandru stands up for his friend and speaks ill of her. This makes her swear to separate the friends.

After the marriage, Aravindan realises the hand of Abhinaya behind all the mishaps and Padmini too realises Chandru is innocent. Then the marriage of Chandru and Amutha is arranged. The cousin of Aravindan who is in love with Amutha from his young age tries to separate the pair. He makes Chandru believe that Padmini is trying to kill Amutha. Padmini is now angry with Chandru. At last Aravindan tells the truth that in their young ages Chandru's deaf and dumb brother was unknowingly killed by Aravindan. The cousin of Aravindan records this and makes this to be heard by Chandru. Chandru and Aravindan go by their ways. Aravindan tries to convince Chandru but he falls from the top of a mountain. Chandru believes that Aravindan is dead and feels very much for him. But after five years later, he comes to meet Aravindan's family, only to find out that Aravindan is not dead, but has ended up in coma. The cousin of him is now torturing his family a lot. When he comes to know that Chandru has come back, he goes and starts to beat him up. After hearing his beloved friend Chandru's cry of pain, Aravindan gets his memory back. Aravindan beats up the cousin and they all rejoin and live happily.



After their teaming in Nerukku Ner, Vijay and Suriya came together again in this film, a remake of a successful Malayalam film of the same name that was produced by actress Sarita, and had her husband Mukesh co-starring with Jairam. Siddique who directed the original has directed the Tamil version too. Ramesh Khanna was selected to play the role which was enacted by Srinivasan in original. First Jyothika was signed, with Suvalakshmi to play the lead actresses in the film but soon Simran replaced Jothika. Both Simran and Suvalakshmi also then too backed out, and were replaced by Devayani and new girl Vijayalakshmi from Mysore. Shooting was held in a fast pace on location in Ooty, Pollachi, Pazhani and Udumalaipettai.[1]


The film received positive reviews from critics upon release in 2001. Bizhat wrote: "It is a fairly engaging entertainer with the first part moving at a fast pace with ribtickling humour and slapstick comedy thrown in. The second half has a jerky narration, the smooth transition of the original somehow missing in the remake".[2] Balaji B wrote: "The movie follows the now-familiar trajectory of a first half where comedy is predominant, and a sentimental second half. While the idea is right and the premise is strong, the movie is not completely effective due to the less-than-hilarious comedy in the first half and the overdose of sentiments in the second half. Vadivelu is loud as usual but instead of being the centerpiece of a separate comedy track, he is the target of many of the jokes here and so ends up being quite funny. So, first there is a dearth of consistent laughs and then an overkill with sentiments. And it is all capped off by a silly, cinematic climax".[3]Thiraipadam wrote, "Writing the storyline for "Friends" above was extremely hard to do. There are so many plots and subplots that one might possibly couldn't know which to include and which to exclude. There are characters becoming villains and then becoming good again incredibly rapidly. The screenplay is so convoluted that one might feel tired and drawn by the end of the film. But this movie is watchable. It's confusing and convoluted, but it is watchable, merely because of the sake of some very funny comedy by Vadivelu, the sake of some quick dancing, and of course, for Vijay. Sreeman, who was incredible in Sethu, is very disappointing in this movie."[4]

The film took a big opening at the box office despite being released with Ajith Kumar's Dheena. With a 100 days theatrical run among the screens of Tamil Nadu, Friends was one among the most commercially successful films of that year. Following the success of the film, R. B. Choudary remade the film in Telugu as Snehamante Idera with Nagarjuna and his nephew Sumanth reprising the roles of Vijay and Surya, the remake version was directed by Balasekaran of Love Today fame.[5]


The film featured music composed by Ilaiyaraaja.

Soundtrack album by Ilaiyaraaja
Released 2001
Genre Feature film soundtrack


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