Friends for Life (Montserrat Caballé album)

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Friends for Life
Studio album by Montserrat Caballé
Released 1997
Length 69:39
Label BMG Music
Producer Mike Moran

Friends for Life is the title of a 1997 album by Spanish opera singer Montserrat Caballé.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Bohemian Rhapsody, with Bruce Dickinson (Freddie Mercury) [5:50]
  2. March With Me, with Vangelis (Vangelis/M. Caballé) [3:49]
  3. Visions Of Glory, with Johnny Logan (Bernd Budden/N. Hydefeld/J. Logan/J. Fritz) [3:50]
  4. Ci Vorebbe Il Mare, with Marco Masini (Giancarlo Bigazzi) [4:38]
  5. Chanter Pour Ceux Qui Sont Loin De Chez Eux, with Johnny Hallyday (Michel Berger) [4:27]
  6. One Life, One Soul, with Gotthard (von Rohr/Leoni/Lee) [3:58]
  7. A Rose In December, with Gino Vannelli (Gino Vannelli/B.C. Hamilton) [4:26]
  8. Sailing, with Khadja Nin (Gavin Sutherland) [4:39]
  9. Mi Amiga Rigoberta, with Carlos Cano (Carlos Cano) [4:24]
  10. Had To Be, with Helmut Lotti (John Farrar/Tim Rice) [4:09]
  11. Friends Again, with Lisa Nilsson (Mauro Scocco) [4:19]
  12. Out Of The Blue, with René Froger (Eric van Tijn/J. Fluitsma) [3:55]
  13. Love Is The Key, with Die Prinzen (S. Krumbiegel/T. Kunzel/W. Lenk) [4:41]
  14. Like A Dream, with Vangelis (Vangelis/M. Caballé) [3:24]
  15. Put The Weight On My Shoulders, with Gino Vannelli (Gino Vannelli) [4:49]
  16. Barcelona, with Freddie Mercury [4:28]