Friends School Kamusinga

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Friends School Kamusinga
Type National, Public
Motto Use Common Sense
Established 1956
Head teacher Mr. Edwin Namachanja (since 2010)
Number of students 1200
Color(s) Blue, Black, Grey and White

The school has 1200 students and a staff of about 75 teachers. The school was established by Allan Bradley (a Briton who died aged 90 in February 2000) in 1956 as a transfer unit for 'Friends School Kaimosi' from Kaimosi in Vihiga County. He is remembered by the school on 'Allan Bradley's Day', the first was on February 18, 2006. The day is celebrated through a sports tournament in his name - the Allan Bradley Tournament.[1] The school is situated in Kimilili town, which is right below Mt. Elgon, the second highest mountain in the Republic of Kenya. It is a high school that prides itself in Academic and Sporting success. The school fraternity has more often than not, set itself up to success by virtue of the programs they come up with, and the liaison with former students. Some of the notable Principals to have presided over the school in the past include Mr. Christopher Khaemba(who later went on to become one of the most decorated principals of Alliance High School,and who is currently the Cabinet Secretary in charge of Education and Youth Affairs in Nairobi county) and Amb. Simon Nabukwesi(who later served as the Kenyan Ambassador to Canada and Cuba, and who is currently the director of the Foreign Service Institute in the Foreign Affairs Ministry of the Republic of Kenya. Through this two men FSK has soared to great heights in many aspects to become what it is today.


The school is headed by Mr. Edwin Namachanja One of the notable heads that has made the school be on a constant downward trend after looting left right and center


The emblem is a leopard, symbolising that it has standards beyond the regular.


The school has won national secondary schools games in hockey 11 times and three East Africa schools championship titles since its introduction in 2007. The school has a basketball team. The school has represented the Western Region at the nationals since 2004. In 2009 it was the first runners-up while in 2011 it was the 2nd runners-up at the KSSSA national term 1A ball games.

The school has a Science Congress team and is 'The Best Boys School', 'Best School in HomeScience' nationally in the field and ranked fifth nationally.


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