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FOA - Stop the Seal Hunt
A true friend

Friends of Animals (FoA) is an animal rights group based in Darien, Connecticut in the United States.[1] It was founded by Alice Herrington in 1957 in Manhattan, New York, with an aim of reducing the number of stray cats and dogs by offering low cost spay and neutering,[2] and went on to expand its activities to assist in the preservation and protection of wild animals, and to campaign in general for animal rights, as opposed to animal welfare.

Gary Francione writes that Herrington was one of the earliest members of the modern animal rights movement to recognize the difference between campaigning for rights and welfare.[3] Herrington retired from FoA in 1986.[2]

In 1981, FoA promoted, along with United Action for Animals, the introduction in Congress of the Research Modernization Act, a bill seeking to develop alternatives to animal testing in research, and for the development of a National Center for Alternatives Research.[4] Francione writes that the measure was opposed by almost all institutional users of animals, because they believed it would require a diversion of funds from animal experiments, and the bill was ultimately defeated.[5]

Priscilla Feral is president of Friends of Animals.


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