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Friends of Libraries are non-profit, charitable groups formed to support libraries in communities. Friends of Libraries groups are often involved in fundraising, advocacy, volunteerism, public awareness campaigns, and literacy programs.

The Los Angeles Public Library reports " 77 Friends of the Library groups with over 5,523 members."[1]

Friends of Libraries groups are supported by a division of the American Library Association, called United for Libraries USA. The division was formed in 2009, when "Friends of Libraries U.S.A. (FOLUSA) and the Association for Library Trustees and Advocates (ALTA) joined forces."[2]

United for Libraries USA provides many resources for Friends of Libraries groups. Some of the resources offered include:[3]

  • Book club suggestions
  • Fact sheets that include tips on topics such as organizing a Friends Group, how to revitalize your Friends Group, and planning an author event
  • A listserv to share ideas
  • Free toolkits
  • Contact information for existing State Friends Groups

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