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Naval officer ranks
Flag officers:

Admiral of the fleetFleet admiralGrand admiral
AdmiralGeneral admiral
Vice admiralSquadron vice-admiralLieutenant admiral
Rear admiralCounter admiralDivisional admiral
CommodoreFlotilla admiral

Senior officers:

CaptainCapt at seaCapt of sea and warShip-of-the-line Capt
CommanderFrigate captain
Lieutenant commanderCorvette captain

Junior officers:

Captain lieutenantLieutenantShip-of-the-line lieutenant
Frigate lieutenantLieutenant (junior grade)Sub-lieutenant
Corvette lieutenantEnsign

Frigate lieutenant is a rank in some navies, especially those of Spain (Spanish: Alférez de Navío) and Latin America, roughly equivalent to a sub-lieutenant in the Royal Navy or a lieutenant (junior grade) in the US Navy. The French Navy equivalent is a ship-of-the-line ensign (first class) (French: enseigne de vaisseau de première classe).

The NATO rank code is OF-1 (senior)


Insignia of a k.u.k. Fregattenleutnant

In the Austro-Hungarian Navy the rank of Fregattenleutnant or fregatthadnagy was the lowest rank of professional officers. It was superior to Korvettenleutnant (a reserve rank) and inferior to Linienschiffsleutnant. Until 1908 the rank was called Linienschiffsfähnrich (ship-of-the-line ensign).