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Art by Greg Tocchini.
Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance Journey into Mystery #92 (May 1963)
Created by Stan Lee, Robert Bernstein and Joe Sinnott
In-story information
Full name Frigga
Species Asgardian
Place of origin Asgard
Team affiliations Asgard
Notable aliases Fricka

Frigga is a fictional character appearing in books published by Marvel Comics, in particular those featuring the superhero Thor, who is Frigga's son. Based on Frigg of Norse mythology, she was created by writers Stan Lee and Robert Bernstein and artist Joe Sinnott, and first appeared in Journey into Mystery #92 (May 1963).

Publication history[edit]

Frigga first appeared in Journey into Mystery #92 (May 1963), and was adapted from mythology by Stan Lee, Robert Bernstein and Joe Sinnott.

The character subsequently appeared in Thor Annual #10 (1982), Thor #344 (June 1984), Marvel Graphic Novel #15 - The Raven Banner (1985), Journey Into Mystery #504-505 (December 1996-January 1997), #512-513 (September-October 1997), Thor #26 (August 2000), Loki #3 (January 2004), and Thor: Son of Asgard #7&9 (August 2004-October 2004) .

Frigga appeared as part of the "Asgardians" entry in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition #1.

Fictional character biography[edit]

An Asgardian, she is both Queen of Asgard, and the Asgardian gods, the wife of Odin, the step-mother of Thor, the biological mother of Balder, and the foster mother of Loki. She is also the one responsible for casting the spells on Balder to protect him from mortal harm. When Surtur the fire demon threatens all the known realms, Frigga is assigned the guardianship of the children of Asgard. They retreat to a hostel deep in the wintry wilderness of Asgard. Though Frigga does not know it, she is assisted in her guarding by Tiwaz, the great-grandfather of Thor.[1] After Odin and Surtur vanish at the end of the battle, Frigga organizes an 'Althing', where all of Asgard will choose a new ruler.[2] The result is that Balder is chosen as the new ruler.[volume & issue needed]

In addition, Frigga had supervised the location and training of the apprentices to the Celestials, the Young Gods.[volume & issue needed] Because of the events of Ragnarok, Frigga is believed to have suffered the same fate as the rest of the Asgardians.[3][4]

After Thor recreates Asgard and restores the Asgardians following Ragnarok, it is revealed that she is actually the mother of Balder.[5]

After the conclusion of the Fear Itself as Freyja, Frigga along with Gaea and Idunn assumed the identity of the All Mother. Odin, the All Father, abdicated the throne to pass it over to the All Mother.[volume & issue needed] Freyja/Frigga currently has Bruinhilda gathering a new group of Valkyries.[6]

During the Original Sin storyline, it is revealed that Frigga and Odin are the parents of Angela where she was actually abducted by the Angels of the Tenth Realm. After experiencing this through the eye of the murdered Uatu the Watcher, Thor went to Asgard to speak to Frigga about this revelation.[7]


Frigga's family tree as it appears in Thor #500 (July 1996):

(adopted by
Odin & Frigga)
  • Odin has another brother, Cul, introduced in the 2011 miniseries, Fear Itself, who in the comics was erased from all known history.[8][9]
  • Odin and Frigga have a daughter, Angela, whose parentage was kept secret until the 2014 miniseries, Original Sin.[10]

In other media[edit]

Rene Russo as Frigga in the Marvel Studios film, Thor.



Motion comics[edit]


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