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Marina di Massa Frigido River 02.JPG
Origin Mounts Sagro and Rasore; eastern branch from Monte Cavallo
Mouth Ligurian Sea
Basin countries Tuscany, Italy
Length 17 km
Source elevation c. 1,750 m
Mouth elevation 0
Avg. discharge 6,44 m³/s
Basin area 61 km²

The Frigido is a short river in Tuscany, central Italy, whose course of 17 km is entirely included in the province of Massa-Carrara. It starts from two branches, one having its source in the Monte Sagro and Monte Rasore (Apuan Alps), the other near the village of Forno.

After running into a deep valley i the Apuan Alpsa, it receives the waters of the Renara and Fosso d'Antona, and then flows in Massa before reaching the Ligurian Sea near Marina di Massa.