Frontbench Team of Paddy Ashdown

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Liberal Democrat
Frontbench Teams since 1997
Paddy Ashdown (1997–1999)
Charles Kennedy (1999–2006)
Menzies Campbell (2006–2007)
Vince Cable (2007)
Nick Clegg (2007–2010)

The list that follows is the Lib Dem Frontbench Team/Shadow Cabinet led by Paddy Ashdown, who was Party leader from 1988 to 1999. The Party formed a Shadow Cabinet following the 1997 general election having doubled its number of MPs at that election. Initially known as a Frontbench Team, the Lib Dems began to refer to their Frontbench Team as a Shadow Cabinet during the leadership of Ashdown's successor, Charles Kennedy, although some controversy exists over whether or not it should be referred to as a Shadow Cabinet.

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