Frontier School of the Bible

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Frontier School of the Bible
Established 1967
Location La Grange, Wyoming, USA

Coordinates: 41°38′16″N 104°9′44″W / 41.63778°N 104.16222°W / 41.63778; -104.16222 Frontier School of the Bible is a small Bible Institute located in La Grange, Wyoming, United States. It is neither accredited or state approved as an institution of higher education.

The school opened its doors on September 5, 1967 and was founded by Rev. Richard LeBar and Rev. Dan Johnson. It currently offers a residential college experience with a variety of student groups and clubs.

After gaining a minimum of 102 credits and three years of study, students are eligible for a non-accredited Associate of Arts degree. Associates degree recipients may apply for a non-accredited Bachelor of Arts degree upon completion of an additional year of full-time ministry, language school, or an internship.

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