Frontlines (Soulfly song)

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Single by Soulfly featuring Kerry King
from the album Dark Ages
Released February 7, 2006
Format MP3 download
Recorded 2005
Genre Thrash metal, groove metal
Length 4:34
Label Roadrunner
Writer(s) Max Cavalera
Producer(s) Max Cavalera
Soulfly singles chronology
"Carved Inside"
Dark Ages track listing

"Frontlines" is a 2006 single recorded by Soulfly via Roadrunner Records, released from the fifth album Dark Ages (2005). It is the second single released from the album (after "Carved Inside") and plays as track #7.

Music and lyrics[edit]

Slayer guitarist Kerry King is featured as guest on lead guitar, helping the song to play as fast as typical Slayer songs.[1] Even though fast songs are logically short, it is not always the case. "Frontlines" is one of the fastest Soulfly songs, but it lasts 4:34, roughly the average duration of a Soulfly song.

"Frontlines" plays a thrash metal style with riffs taken from Sepultura album Beneath the Remains. The outro has a soft acoustic sound overlaid with various noises taken from the battlefield.[2]

"Frontlines" deals about their involvement in the war, and lyrics contain vulgar lines of verses prosed by Max Cavalera. The word 'fuck' is said 14 times throughout the song, all but two are used in first person, second person, and third person/first person plural phrases consecutively within the same verse: 'I don't give a fuck', 'You don't give a fuck', 'They don't give a fuck'/'We don't give a fuck'. The last line in those verses is 'Get back to the front'.[3]

Music video[edit]

The music video has scenes about war involving tanks and jet planes fighting with missiles. Then towards the end, a nuclear bomb went off. The scenes take place in Serbia during summer 2006. The members perform the song just outside the barracks.[4]




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