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Frontside mystic opole.jpg
Frontside performing live at Mystic Festival, Opole, 2007
Background information
Origin Sosnowiec, Sosnowiec
Genres Metalcore, deathcore
Years active 1993–present
Labels Mystic Production, Regain Records, Metal Mind Productions
Members Auman
Past members Astek

Frontside is a Polish metalcore / deathcore band from Sosnowiec, Poland, formed by Astek and Demon in 1993. They compose and perform their songs in both English and Polish.


The band was formed in 1993 in Sosnowiec, Poland by Astek and Demon. Early Frontside productions were hardcore songs with influence from many other genres, such as hip-hop. Compositions often included rapping, samples and scratching. However, these musical experiments ended on Our Is Kingdom... in 2001; they were replaced by riffs akin to thrash and death metal and harsh vocals. In mid-2003, Auman from the Polish thrash metal band Totem joined as the new vocalist when Astek left, and Daron became the new guitarist after Simon left. Together, they changed the band's musical direction more toward death metal, with characteristic riffs and death growling. Along with those aspects, the band also incorporated clean vocals.




  1. Nie ma nadziei, nie ma strachu (1994, Pełzacz distro)
  2. Nigdy do końca nie zaufaj (1995, Psy Wojny)
  3. Moja własna tolerancja (1997, Enigmatic)


  1. Początek ery nienawiści (together with 1125, 2000, Shing)
  2. Nasze jest królestwo... / Our Is Kingdom... (2001, Metal Mind Productions)
  3. I odpuść nam nasze winy (2002, Mystic Production)
  4. Forgive Us Our Sins (2004, Regain Records)
  5. Zmierzch bogów. Pierwszy krok do mentalnej rewolucji (2004, Mystic Production)
  6. Twilight of Gods. A First Step to the Mental Revolution (2006, Mystic Production)
  7. Absolutus (2006, Mystic Production)
  8. Teoria Konspiracji (2008, Mystic Production)
  9. Zniszczyć Wszystko (2010, Mystic Production)

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