Froomsgate House, Bristol

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Froomsgate House
Froomsgate House - - 166544.jpg
Seen from Lewin's Mead
Froomsgate House, Bristol is located in Bristol
Froomsgate House, Bristol
Shown within Bristol
General information
Status Complete
Address Rupert Street
Town or city Bristol
Country UK
Coordinates 51°27′25″N 2°35′42″W / 51.457°N 2.595°W / 51.457; -2.595Coordinates: 51°27′25″N 2°35′42″W / 51.457°N 2.595°W / 51.457; -2.595
Completed 1971[1]
Owner Froomsgate House Realty Ltd[2]
Landlord Hartnell Taylor Cook LLP[2]
Height 63 m (207 ft)[1]
Technical details
Floor count 15[1]
Floor area 1,368 m2 (14,730 sq ft)[3]
Lifts/elevators 3[3]
Design and construction
Main contractor Laing Development[4]

Froomsgate House is a 63 m (207 ft)[1] high office block in central Bristol, England, situated at the junction of Rupert Street with Lewin's Mead. It was completed in 1971 and has 15 floors above ground. There are also three floors of car-parking.[5] The building has 1,368 m2 (14,730 sq ft) of office space, serviced by three lifts.[3] The building is owned by Froomsgate House Realty Ltd and managed by Hartnell Taylor Cook LLP.[2] The name derives from an ancient city gate by the River Frome which once stood on the site.[4] Notable tenants include the Crown Prosecution Service Southwest.[6]

On the first floor of the building is a mosaic mural map, the Froomsgate Map, executed by artist Phillipa Threlfall. This artwork was commissioned by the developer Laing Development owned by John Laing plc. The map depicts the surrounding area in 1673 as originally shown in James Millerd's map of that date. It is sited on the first floor as it was originally envisaged that Froomsgate House would be linked to other surrounding buildings by elevated walkways.[4]

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