Frost Brown Todd

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Frost Brown Todd
Frost Brown Todd
Headquarters Great American Tower
No. of offices 9
No. of attorneys 475
Major practice areas General practice
Date founded 1919
Company type LLC

Frost Brown Todd LLC is one of the largest law firms based in the Midwestern United States. It resulted from the 2000 merger of Frost & Jacobs LLP, a Cincinnati-based firm, with Brown Todd & Heyburn PLLC, a Louisville-based firm. It presently has over 450 attorneys working in nine offices throughout Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, and West Virginia.

Famous individuals associated with the firm include talk show host and former Cincinnati mayor Jerry Springer; who started his career as an associate at the firm, and Kenneth Starr, who worked as a summer associate at the firm while in law school; and Francis L. Dale, who served on Richard M. Nixon's Committee to Re-elect the President.

In January 2009, the firm merged with the Indianapolis-based law firm of Locke Reynolds LLP.[1]


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