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The Frosty is the signature frozen dairy dessert of Wendy’s fast-food restaurants.

Product description[edit]

The dessert is a type of frozen dairy dessert. Originally available only in chocolate, a vanilla flavored version of the dessert was introduced in July 2006 after frequent customer requests.[1]


  • Twisted Frosty—introduced in July 2005 as the Fix ’n’ Mix Frosty and later renamed to Twisted Frosty in 2007, items such as M&Ms, Butterfinger Chips, Oreo Chips, or Nestle cookie dough are mixed into the Frosty. Wendy’s discontinued the Twisted Frosty in June 2011 and replaced it with the Frosty Parfaits along with the Frosty Shakes.
  • Frosty Float—the Frosty Float is a root beer float–style dessert introduced in May 2007. The float is made with any of the Coca-Cola products Wendy’s sells.[2]
  • Frosty milkshakes—a hand-spun milkshake. Introduced on May 21, 2008, it originally came only in three flavors: chocolate fudge, vanilla bean, and strawberry.

In July 1986 two short-lived variants were introduced. Lack of popular appeal led to their removal from the menu in September 1986.

  • Frosty-Tea—a combination of a traditional Frosty with sweetened tea. It was promoted as a late afternoon pick me up.
  • Frosty-Forster—an extra-large Frosty made with chunks of chocolate and cherries. It was named in honor of California Angels pitcher Terry Forster and promoted mainly in the Orange County, California, region.

In June 2009, two additional variants of the Frosty were introduced in the United States.

  • Frosty-cino—Wendy’s takes on mixing the Frosty dairy dessert with coffee, chocolate drizzle, and whipped cream.
  • Coffee Toffee Twisted Frosty—A mix of Frosty, coffee, and toffee bits.

In June 2011, Frosty Parfaits replaced Twisted Frosties and a new line of Frosty Shakes was introduced.

  • Frosty Parfaits—available in caramel apple, Oreo, wild berry (seasonal), and strawberry shortcake (seasonal).
  • Frosty Shakes—caramel and wild berry flavors were added to the menu.

In December 2012, with the introduction of the Right Price Right Size Value Menu, the vanilla bean and wild berry Frosty shake flavors were discontinued in favor of other flavors and since then only the vanilla flavor of the Frosty is used when making shakes mixed with the different syrup flavors.


The Frosty was invented by dairyman E.M. “Bill” Barker at the request of Wendy’s owner, Dave Thomas. When the first Wendy’s opened in 1969, chocolate, actually a mixture of both chocolate and vanilla, was the flavor of the original Frosty. Dave Thomas thought that 100 percent chocolate was too overpowering a flavor when paired with a Wendy’s burger and fries meal. The second Frosty flavor, vanilla, was introduced in 2006.[1] Dave Thomas had invested so much time and energy that he considered his original recipe to be the only real Frosty. In 1983, when adding additional favors was discussed, Thomas stated, “That’s what shakes are for.” It is speculated (not confirmed) that his last words were “For those who disrespect the frosty, I have no respect for them.”[citation needed]


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